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Our Mission
Provide corrugated cardboard of the highest quality, in order to achieve satisfaction to the demands of our customers, promoting our values and our commitment to preserve the envirionment.
Our Vission
Become the leading supplier of corrugated cardboard in México and the United States, forging a close relationship of trust and commitment to out customers.
Our Values
  • Respect: We seek to constantly mantain harmony in our relationship with co-workers and customes.
  • Honesty: Remain intact in exchange of receiving our customers confidence.
  • Responsability: We met timely and accurate with the activities and services agreed with our customers in order to grow and reach target goals.
  • Commitment: We dedicade to reach the stablished goal and fulfill our responsabilities seriously.
  • Discipline: We meet standards and policies that support our work.
  • Service: We promote working with a positive spirit, in order to meet our commitment to service that strenghtens the confidence of our customers.